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Corporate Social Responsibility

Hashim Rizwan
MOS 3353 550
Bill Iwrin

Corporate social responsibility can simply be identified as a duty, which is not a legal obligation lately, under very much consideration by every multinationals, as well as the growing firm. The ongoing concern is meant to increase the awareness between the business Individuals, to implement and draw line which should clearly indicates that what social obligation an organization has towards the society.(Caroll,1970) (Caroll, Archie, B.(1991). The pyramid of corporate social responsibility is towards the moral management of organization stakeholder.
Promoting a social justice may be justified, because it has been proven to create the
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Tim Hortons has delivered a programmed called “Ethical tea partnership” which is well known for being a non- commercial socially justified and environmentally sustainable, which works with a soul purpose to maintain the international labor standards ,treating the workers fairly and to protect the environment.
Moving on, the great Canadian company also involves in fundraising efforts and social awareness programs through their campaigns such as; their promotion of, “Buy a cookie. Help make a Difference”. This is a unique way of fundraising where proceeds will go to the charities of the local community. Producing these cookies would not cost in high production cost, since the economic worth buying of this cookie maybe considered in the inferior good, but the greater social impact has proven to be effective as raising an annual proceed off $103,320 for kids ability(kidsability, 2010).This shows a great picture of understanding that how socially responsible a company can be.
Tim Hortons understands the importance of CRS making a true difference in their idea to define social responsibility among others as they help and sponsors the local communities in order to clean ups and planting tree across the country every year, which benefits in reducing the global warming.Tim Hortons considers CRS a part of brand’s priority. Besides raising the funds, Tim
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