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I am writing this letter to express my interest in the recently posted customer service manager position at Gilmore Corporation. I am applying for this position because I understand the challenges, have leadership ability, and excellent communication skills.

First of all, I have a complete understanding of the challenges facing a customer service representative because I have worked as a salesperson at Costco for two years, and helped people with their purchases and decision making. For example, once there was a customer having difficult time choosing tv brand, and he asked me for help. I recommended the Samsung brand, because it has the best reviews, and he was very pleased with my customer service. Customers always left me good feedback, and that has helped me get promoted from a salesperson to an assistant manager.

Secondly, I have great leadership abilities, which is necessary to become a customer service manager. I understand the challenges that an employee might face when moving into a position where they would be managing employees who were once their peers. For example, last year during Christmas season, all the employees were so overwhelmed with the work. Two of them came to me and they asked me for help regarding the amount of customers and their needs. I taught them how to manage work
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I believe that understanding challenges, having leadership abilities, and excellent communication skills are necessary to be a customer service manager. My success during my employment at Costco is an indicator of my commitment to excellence and my understanding of what it takes to be a great customer service representative. I would embrace the opportunity to bring my expertise and insight to the table in a managerial role. I am confident that the Customer Service Department at Gilmore Corporation could greatly benefit from what I have to offer. If you have any further questions, you can contact me at
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