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Bumper to Bumper

Here I am captured in this irritating street where all I can do is listen to music and look at Facebook. I am waiting for cars to start moving and continue with their destination. Little do I know that ahead of me is a two hour traffic. I am already tired, bored, and furious. I cannot believe I took this road home instead of my usual route. Why do I have to try new things? I should stick to what I know. While I sit in the drivers’ sit I am still wondering why I had the bright idea of taking a new way home, a way that I had little knowledge of.
Being stuck in traffic is not a fun thing to do, nor do I wish this upon anyone. It is one of the most annoying and frustrating things for me. July 4th of 2009 is one day I
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Eventually, I was out of this bumper to bumper traffic that I couldn’t stand one more second. Those thirty minutes I was there stuck watching the parade go by seemed longer than what it really was. Later, I wrote back to Monica’s message and thanked her so much for getting me out of that irritating mess. I also told her she was a genius. End results, this is what happens when you try new things. Sometimes you should stick to what you know. This was a well lesson learned for
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