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The party in government is made up of ___________ and has direct impact on governmental policy; it is largely independent of ___________________.
Choose one answer. | a. the party organization/officeholders | | | b. officeholders/the party organization | | | c. voters/politicians | | | d. bureaucrats/the president | | | e. the electoral college/state legislators | |
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A new order of demonstrated political loyalties, such as seen in Texas and the South from Reconstruction until the middle 20th century with the movement from a Democratic majority identification to a development of parity between the Democratic and then in the latter half of the 20thcentury the shift to Republican
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| a. four years. | | | b. eight years | | | c. two years. | | | d. year. | | | e. six years | |
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"GOTV" refers to
Choose one answer. | a. getting official news coverage on TV for campaign activities (also known as "free media"). | | | b. the television network run by the Republican Party (which is also known as the GOP). | | | c. the division of the Texas Secretary of State called the "General Office of Texas Voters" which is in charge of operating elections in Texas. | | | d. candidates plans and efforts to turn out their projected voters on election day. | | | e. the federal voting project to enhance political participation by voters on election day known as "Got Voters?" | |
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The brief, concise, attention-grabbing statements that candidates make before the news media in the hope the statement or statements will be printed in newspapers and replayed on TV are known as
Choose one answer. | a. bon mots. | | | b. adages. | | | c. sound bites. | | | d. spin text. | | | e. pearls of wisdom. | |
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The Framers of the Constitution argued against the development of political parties and a two party system and made no provisions for it in the Constitution. Nevertheless, the United

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