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There are a few speculations about what would happen should Canada's population grow up to 100 million. Although that is quite a substantial increase from the approximate 36 million were currently at today; I personally don't believe that the construction methods for residential areas will change. When it comes to the building of houses it's all about speed and cost; Which is why I believe we'll continue to stick with the basic wood framed construction a majority of our houses are built with. The one way I could see housing change is if people continue to migrate to the hotspots in Canada such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Then we'll start to see more Non-combustible and fire resistant buildings built majorly out of steel and…show more content…
It's estimated that hempcrete will absorb 110kg of CO2 per cubic meter, which in large scale projects has the potential to draw tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere. There are a few ways the increase in population can become beneficial. Personally with the population flux it can lead to the expansion of business and offer up a huge number of job possibilities in a world where it's tough to find work. In corporate/commercially it again allows for the introduction and expansion of industrial buildings and higher job opportunities. The advantages it has on the government would be economic growth. With a higher number of people it combines all great minds working together to lead to more innovations. Environmentally you will start to see the increase in non-renewable resources used and with this issue will arise the investigation into renewable resources to accommodate and even start to replace fossil fuels with things such as nuclear or solar energy. Finally with fire protection; having the continuous growing population were going to have to ensure that all precautions are taken to reduce the risk of fire. This could lead to new codes and regulations like mandatory sprinklers in all residential homes, making a huge difference down the road. However with these advantages there comes some disadvantages as well. In the same way as the introduction leads to new job possibilities it also leads to more competitors over the same job. If I'm not as qualified it will complicate my

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