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Essay #3 Throughout history many races and cultures have been discriminated against for various reasons and there have been many different methods used to discriminate against them. To focus on one race in particular the African American race was discriminated for a long period and was discriminated in various ways throughout this time. The longest and most prominent method used was slavery, then after slavery ended segregation was another method, and lastly African Americans not being treated equally or having the same rights was another method that was used to discriminate against the African American race. To start with, the first method that was used to discriminate against was slavery which was the most prominent and abrasive…show more content…
This all shows how everything was separate, but not in fact equal. Also, African Americans were heavily discriminated in simple every day life when in social places by whites because blacks were seen as less than whites. Further when blacks wanted to fight for there rights and for equality during the Civil Rights movement a lot of violence was occurring towards blacks which shows how much whites didn't wanted blacks to have the same rights as them and didn't see anything wrong with the way blacks were being treated. These methods demonstrate how for hundreds of years African Americans were discriminated and oppressed against from the start of slavery until after the Civil Rights Movement which was in the 1960’s. From these methods being used the black race did not have the same rights and were not treated equally for hundred of years and it wasn’t until recently that African Americans started to

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