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I wanted to learn, I wanted to help and I wanted to contribute. “I wonder,” I said, “if I can come here more often and put my hands on it too.” “You’ll need to get a permit from the lab.” The more I visited, the more I wanted to get involved. I sent an application for a permit as a volunteer working with Ying and couldn’t wait till the permit was granted. At the beginning, after completing household chores I rode my bike to the lab for a few hours each time. As the days went on, I stayed longer and longer. Soon I had a routine in the lab as if I were a full-time worker. Ying’s lab was set in a small room. To keep the least interference on his gravitational experiment from any source of disturbance, the room was dimly lit. Even a light…show more content…
As a delicate job, tying the ball with the wire require elegant and stable hands. The ball was a precise sphere with a small sphere - shaped knob, to which the wire was tied, and then weighted to several decimals for accuracy. To design, gathering the materials and constructing the apparatus took Ying tremendous time and effort, but after talking to technicians and putting long hours, he finally got all the necessary parts to assemble the balance. I could help him only in using electronic equipment since he knew mechanics and had skillful hands. However, I liked to venture into other areas. I went to the workshop to get some mechanical parts for Ying’s work, and the stock room for materials and stationary supplies. The library was where I spent much of my time. There, I checked out the current science magazines. After a few weeks efforts, I was disappointed because I felt I wasn’t making any headways. In fact, to me, it was even harder to improve my reading ability than my oral conversation because the former required more active action while conversation was more a reactive action. Twice a day, people in the lab loosened up for about twenty minutes for tea breaks. Though the breaks were not as quintessentially English High Tea, nothing could sooth the stress as much as a cup of hot tea in a busy hectic workday. Everyone got together in the canteen to socialize. However, I took only afternoon tea and

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