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What have you heard in the news recently? Some people would mention Bitcoin, some would mention Net Neutrality. If we go back just a few months ago, Catalonia was at the epicenter of news. This was because a referendum about declaring independence from Spain was held, and the violence that ensued during it. This referendum showed that the majority of Catalans supported the idea of breaking apart from Spain to form their own independent nation, Catalonia. In this paper, Catalonia’s efforts to becoming an independent state will be looked at by two theories, realism and liberalism. Catalonia is an autonomous region of Northeastern Spain. By being autonomous, Catalonia decides how to run itself with no major influence from Spain. Basically,…show more content…
According to international relations, an entity qualifies as a state by meeting four conditions. First, it must have territory. Second, a stable population must live within its borders. Third, most of its population must support and pledge allegiance to its government. Lastly, other states must recognize this entity as being sovereign. After all four are realized, an entity becomes a state. Catalonia kind of meets the first and second conditions. Catalonia does have territory and a stable population, however there are Catalan minorities that have spilled outside of its territory and into Spain to the West and France to the East (2001). Despite meeting the first two conditions to becoming a state, Catalonia does not meet the third or fourth condition. Some Catalans support the regional government’s efforts to become an independent state, while others are loyal to Spain and believe that Catalonia should remain a part of Spain. Also, Catalonia is not recognized as an independent state by any other state in the international realm. Catalonia does not qualify as a state, but when it comes to being a nation, Catalonia certainly qualifies as one. A nation is a group of people that share characteristics and Catalonia is populated by Catalans that share a common history, language, culture, and a set of values. These common values are displayed during Catalan rituals and festivals (1989). The state is viewed differently by the theoretical

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