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The children were laughing and hugging and filled with joy at the first song to liven up the Blackgood home since the death of their music loving mother. But it was not to be the last song by any means. For the next several months Ray taught them song after song. Up in the attic, they found their late mother’s old instruments which included electric guitars and a collection of high-tech synthesizers. The children finally took to their computer programming assignments with glee in order to learn how to program those. At first the children performed for Ray or for one another, but after a few weeks they were putting on elaborate shows for the house staff and gardeners. It wasn’t long after that they were doing skits in the local…show more content…
He was even more displeased, however, when he saw Ray Dailey trooping up the driveway with his kids in tow, all dressed in FAT ALBERT AND THE COSBY KIDS curtains. His anger began to boil, but he was determined not to have an incident in front of either the children or his bride-to-be. He sent his Uncle and girlfriend to the drawing room, and when the kids arrived he sent them to their rooms. Ray, however, he asked to remain. Ray did his best to explain the joy and learning he had brought into the children’s lives over the past four weeks, but the Professor was having none of it. “Am I to understand, Sir, that the Blackgood children have been traipsing about the Inkwell in those abominable Bill Cosby suits singing for coins in parks and coffee shops like Greenwich Village street urchins?” “Exactly!” replied Ray proudly. “Well, then,” the Professor began, “Before you pack your bags and get the hell off of my property let me tell you a couple of things, first…..” but the Professor's voice began to trail off as he listened to some bassy notes emanating from the house. “What is that?” “Music, Sir!” Ray replied. “I know it’s music, but who’s making it? Have you gotten the children stereos without permission too?” “That’s the children, Professor. They’re doing the old Michael Jackson hit Billie-Jean. That’s your youngest boy providing the vocals.” The Professor seemed mesmerized, and he went into the hall and to the

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