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The year 2017 was a productive and fulfilling year. I continued to publish articles; participated in a number of conferences, both nationally and internationally; got a contract for a scholarly book with the University of California Press and two contracts for textbooks—one in English and the other in Arabic. I also continued to be the co-editor of Jerusalem Quarterly. Furthermore, I o-curated an exhibition, and served as a book referee for Princeton University Press. On teaching and service level, I taught a number of classes here at ISU and at Qatar University, and was active in committee work, be it at ISU, Qatar University, or elsewhere on voluntary basis.

A great deal of my time in 2017 was devoted to research. I have a number of
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In terms of published chapters, I have submitted a number of articles for publication, they include: “Bearers of Memory: Photo Albums as Sources of Historical Study in Palestine”; “The Pasha’s Official Photographer(s): The Picturing the Fourth Army’s Suez Campaign”; and “The Wasif Jawharriyeh Collection: Illustrating Jerusalem during the first half of the 20th century.” The books will be out in 2018, and the detailed information is available on my CV, enclosed with this report. I also published one article in Ostour Journal for Historical Studies entitled “History and Nationalism: The Case of Palestine,” and another that will appear in The Journal for Palestine Studies in 2018, entitled “Sykes-Picot and Palestine.” I also published an essay in the guidebook of the Palestinian museum entitled “A Brief History of Photography in Palestine.” In addition, I co-curated, with Ariella Azoulay, the “Time Travelers in Palestine,” exhibition that opened in March at Brown University’s Watson Institute. I wrote the catalogue essay for the exhibition.

On the academic front, also is my participation in conferences, symposia, and the invited presentations I gave. I was a guest speaker at events in Germany, France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, the UK, as well as the US.

In terms of service, I am currently on two departmental committees at ISU: DFSC and the search committee for the position of early modern historian of Europe. Outside of the department, I was a member of the

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