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Boxing training is usually a physical and technical style of activity used to increase fitness strength and endurance. Boxing training is one of the Spartan kinds of sports training and is categorized by the level at which the boxers are training. Newcomers to the sport of boxing only take on minimal workout routines which may consist of finding out how to hit the heavy punchbag, the double end bag and the speed bag, and not forgetting to boost their cardiovascular fitness by jogging everyday, skipping rope and shadow boxing in front of a mirror. These fundamentals are important for any novice to master and to make it possible for them to progress to advanced techniques and to become a more compentent and successful boxer.

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To prepare for a bout, the boxer and the boxing trainer plan and put together a training regimen to be completed over a number of weeks in order for the boxer to be at their physical peak for that fight. Boxing training has to develop and improve both anaerobic activity and energy consumption so that the boxers can develop the speed of their reactions. Therefore the training for boxers shouldn't concentrate on the strength and muscle building alone, although modern day boxing coaching can at times resemble the training that bodybuilders follow in order to eliminate body fat and increase muscle size. A boxer might wish to commence training with gentle sparring in the ring at a slow pace in order to find their range. They may then move onto body work where the trainer or sparring partner will wear a padded bodysuit and headgear for protection whilst the boxer focuses around the quality, speed and intensity of his or her punches. Professional boxers must also place a lot of emphasis on recovery and relaxation throughout fight preparation and make sure they get adequate sleep as it's through sleep that the body is allowed to repair and
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