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Henri Fayol or Henry Mintzberg; Management, management today is one of the subjects with the most widely branched areas. Management is an area under discussion and criticised since many years before till today by many contributors and authors. There have been developed many ideas and notions regarding the right way to manage and been successful manager. Some of the most important contributors are Henri Fayol and Henry Mintzberg with two different views but, in the same time very similar. Henri Fayol came first with his revolutionary principles and elements to change and establish a new model of ideas regarding how a manager can manage effectively, he also writes a book which can be used as a guide for new inexperienced…show more content…
When Fayol as a manager wrote his concepts the era and the way of managing was very different in contrast with nowadays. Fayol developed a strategy based on the way he was managing, for instance he was the only one who had to make the plan, to organise everything, to command and get involve in situations where it was necessary, co-ordinate and synchronize all the activities take place in the organization, and last control everything. In few words he was the only main head of the organization. It does not mean that he was alone but in compare with the present most of the organizations operate with the bureaucratic structure of Max Weber’s theory that “organizations are managed on an impersonal, rational authority basis and they are not depend on to a particular person who may leave or die”(Weber, 1997, p.45). Today all the organizations have been divided in many departments and all these departments with the help of the assistant managers have been undertake by one Fayol’s element. These departments make all the work and then introduce their work to the manager. So the only thing that managers have to do is consider ready information and reports that the units of the organization have done, and then just take a decision. And this is what exactly Mintzberg observes in his research. As a fact that Fayol’s elements are widely used not exactly by the managers but rather from the whole organization. “Luthans and others believe that
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