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The Building Of Rapport Is Often Considered One Of The Most Important Aspects Of A Hypnothrapists’ Work, Discuss

The purpose of this essay is to explore and illustrate how and why the building of rapport between a client and a therapist is paramount to a successful hypnosis result. It will look at how and when we can build a good rapport, considering the purpose of the notation form and explain the role of the Conscious Critical Faculty and what part it plays in successful hypnosis.
It is said that building a good rapport with a client for the purpose of hypnotherapy is paramount to it’s success, without it a client cannot receive treatment to the full therapeutic value. But what exactly do we mean by “Rapport”? And
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It is where we, the therapist can acquire information and explore the client’s history. We can use this information to assess the clients learning style and modality etc. It also gives the client the opportunity to discuss any misconceptions, questions, fears and uncertainties regarding hypnotherapy. From the moment the client meets the therapist opinions are formed and assumptions are fashioned so first impressions are key. Appearance, speech pattern and body language are all areas to consider.
As hypnosis and rapport are all about communication with the subconscious mind then if we can show a person’s subconscious mind that we understand it then their subconscious will respond very favourably without them consciously realising it. An effective technique to use to help facilitate this is mirroring. Mirroring, or subtly matching characteristics specific to the individual client include tone of voice, adopting similar speech styles, pace, body language, posture and even something as simple as breathing. It will make them feel that you are part of their world, on the same wavelength and thus can greatly speed up the generation of a good rapport.
Milten Erikson emphasized the vital need to enter the client’s world and not to drag them into ‘your’ way of thinking. We need to learn their language, their perspectives and
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