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English analysis of related texts.
Short Story – Journey to Freedom, By Hai-Van Nguyen, aged 18.
In this short story, Nguyen tells her story about her journey from Vietnam to Australia and expresses the change his family faces throughout this long and hard journey. Nguyen also expresses of how she believes they transitioned from being ‘nobody’ to a ‘number’. She also expresses her feelings towards numbers and how the people behind the numbers and statistics are forgotten and all that is remembered are the numbers. In the second paragraph Nguyen states her amazement that after everything her parents have survived through and feared for, they are still able to recall the chilling numbers that has set history in their lives, Nguyen says,
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In the fourth paragraph Nguyen expresses her feelings that more real human stories and recounts need to be publicised, rather than what the history books and newspapers recall as history, numbers. Nguyen feels that numbers now need to be replaced and upgraded with real human experience related back to the people of today to understand and appreciate through stories. Nguyen says, “History books and newspapers purport to telling the facts, but facts do not only consist of numbers. Human experience is real; human suffering is real, and so are the stories that capture them. We need human stories to restore the human face to such atrocities.” She strongly feels that numbers are almost throwing away the true feelings and hardship the people faced and overcame and so Nguyen feels that stories need to be told to replace these numbers with real and detailed stories of hardship, fear and determination. Also Nguyen says that she believes that all stories should be told rather than one story or one journey covering all humanities ordeals, as she says in lines 6, 7 & 8, “ capturing the triumphs and sorrows of each individual’s experience, will serve a wider

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