Essay Letter To Quintanilla

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Ms. McCormack,
I am writing you this letter to help ensure that I, Christopher Quintanilla, remain enrolled at Neumont University for the upcoming quarter. I haven’t been performing to the best of my ability in recent quarters and I would relish in the opportunity to right the ship next quarter especially since it will be my first quarter of Enterprise.
When I learned of Neumont University and subsequently applied, I did so because even as a high school senior I could recognize the immense value that Enterprise would give to a university graduate looking for employment. I believe truly in the Neumont system and I genuinely believe that I can achieve what I want to achieve after I graduate and that any setbacks that I face are caused entirely of my own accord. Being able to overcome these internal struggles that I have been fighting during my Enterprise projects would give me a boost in confidence that I’ve never felt before; a boost that will help me raise the value of the Neumont brand of Alumni when I graduate. When applying to the school I always envisioned myself being able to represent proudly a university that many don’t know of but should.
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The current downward trend started in the Summer quarter of 2015 with my first capstone project, during this quarter things were right where I had wanted them to be but when working on my capstone project I reached a point where it became clear that I would need to restart the project. Restarting the project when I was as far as I was meant that I was unable to maintain the progress needed to present my capstone so that resulted in my failure. I needed to restart the project because of technical issues, my data structure would not work how I first created it and it was so much a part of the project that a fresh start was
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