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Magazine critique Adbusters is a popular alternative magazine started in 1989 by self-proclaimed “cultural jammer” Kalle Lasn and Bill Schamlz. As the title suggests, Adbusters is dedicated to exposing and undermining mainstream capitalist culture. Their mission statement says,“We are a global network of culture jammers and creatives working to change the way information flows, the way corporations wield power, and the way meaning is produced in our society.” it’s consistently one of the most, interesting and relevant magazines that actually discusses something of substance. While the mainstream media delivers little but clichés that never question the political and economic status quo, most alternative media tends to respond to the…show more content…
In this article the magazine addresses four main issues “post normal, post empathy, post memory, post empire “and also different issues including commercial Calvin Klein jeans, Burberry and the most important about the biggest real time psycho experiment in human history in which they find today’s teenagers are addicted to social media technologies like YouTube potato, Facebook addict, texter and a gamer in a picture. They also mentions about other issue like children develops in condition which have been corrupted and troubled over the last several decades and how half of million kids are receiving heavy duty antipsychotic medication which could put children’s lives in danger and we are trying to fix the massive social problem that has to do with disconnection win society and loss of nurturing. The magazine covers also have little sign saying singularity or nightfall, which is an up coming in next issue of adbuster #95. In the beginning it shows president Barack Obama’s words about the coming up 40 years being the most important years in human history because of the shift of existing world system to capitalist world economy. On next few pages it picks on TV
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