Essay Marijuana Should Be Legalized

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I’m supposed to write an essay about the argument between if Marijuana should be legalized for medical and recreational use. But personally, I believe in legalizing for many reasons, one of them being medical use for people with sicknesses and diseases. Yeah, there may be are some down sides to legalizing, such as the fact it kills your brain cells and that you should not drive while impaired but more and more people every day are going PRO- Legalization. Along with me, there are many other Americans who are all for legalization. There are many very good arguments on this side. The first reason for legalizing it that it’s less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. Drinking can lead to liver problems, tobacco leads to cancer, and weed is not harmful. There are so many deaths from drinking (drinking and driving, drinking leading to bad liver). And there have been no deaths of someone smoking too much weed. Another good argument is that it is really awesome for some…show more content…
On the flip side of the range, tobacco kills a greater number of Americans than some other medication, lawful or something else, many times over. This cartoon demonstrates how much worse alcohol and tobacco use are worse than smoking marijuana, marijuana has cause 0 annual deaths. I believe the side with the better argument would have to be the side for legalization. Medical marijuana is very helpful for the sick and if that’s what’s going to help them feel better, and then they should be able to do it legally. The argument between legalizing marijuana or not is hard, there are few good arguments as to why it shouldn’t be legal but I always am for marijuana legalization because the good reasons over power the bad reasons. Sooner or later, it will be legalized, at least for medical use. Whether people like it or not cause the rate of users just keeps going
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