Essay: My Visit To Murfreesboro

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Before I moved to Murfreesboro, I knew that I would be living about 40 away from Nashville. I did not know much about Nashville, except that it was known for having outlet malls and that a variety of concerts took place there. Little did I know that Nashville was home to an abundant amount of history about Tennessee. Before taking Tennessee twenty thirty, I had no idea how much Tennessee had taken part in the Civil War and other wars that I had no idea about. For my second historical visit, I chose to go to the Tennessee State Museum. I had never been there before. I chose to go here because I knew it had more information about the Civil War, which would add up to the information that I got from the Stones River Battlefield. Not only was there information about the Civil War that I did not know, but many other things I was not familiar with. There was even information about how Memphis was founded, this is interesting because this is where I am from. The Tennessee State Museum opened in nineteen…show more content…
They also use photographs to show pictures of the people they are talking about and what they did to contribute during the time and who they were. Throughout the museum they have an abundant amount of pictures of important pictures, for example James K. Polk, who was the 11th president of the United States and later lived and represented Tennessee. There were also frames with information of Tennesseans during the Civil War who kept diaries. Maggie Lindsey was one of them, she was born in Nashville and her family owned land value at one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars and personal property of ten thousand dollars. Lindsey’s family was at home during the Nashville Battle and they had soldiers stationed at their house for protection. She said that before the war, the soldiers removed fences and barns and cut down all the
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