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MY JOURNEY TO BECOMING A MEDICAL ASSISTANT I remember when I first walked through the doors of Sanford Brown College in January of 2011. I was on a journey to do more with myself and my life. I choose Sanford Brown because I always loved working in the medical field. I’ve had many jobs in this field, home attendant, personal care aide and medical assistant. I enjoy helping people who can’t help themselves; it makes me feel like I’m doing a good deed for those in need. My first class was Medical Terminology, I thought I was going to lose my mind, I stated questioning myself why Kim? Why? What have I done? However, as time moved on I started to really enjoy school, my class and my classmates. I started feeling more relaxed and realized…show more content…
All though I believe that as long as the medical field continues to grow, there will always be continued schooling, many changes due to upgrades in technology and ample job positions to fill. You definitely have to have the passion for people who are need of care. Being sympathic and empathic will take you a long way it this field, treating someone how you want to be treated accounts for everything I stand for. You can also become familiar with recertification requirements every sixty months so that you will always be up to date with the new standards. So as I move forward with my new understanding of my new found career I feel that I will do and be caring. I have found that taking these steps and signing into Sanford Brown has been a great achievement for me, taking the first step into a world that will stimulate my mind and soul and being able to contribute to society with good deeds and morals at the end of my journey of becoming a understanding and good MA. I hope that as my daughter gets older and experience college life that she chooses a field that will make her feel like she’s done a good deed for people or herself. Even though I started at the ripe age of fifty I am very proud of myself for completing such a task and am hoping to move further up the ladder as I grow in the medical field to become that Ultra Sound Technician I always wanted
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