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INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATION Oceania_POP Tuesday, May 29, 2012 3:28 AM Homework for INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATION Group Member: Hong Nhung BUI Dian Amanda Pereira Kimberly Hiew Yi Mei 1. Negotiating Variables & Elements impact negotiation Negotiation items Opening Ticket revenues Targeting Walk away/ Limit $1,100,000 $550,000 Strategy & Explanation Attention Elements impact negotiations $275,000 Split of ticket revenues 60% 50% 25% Performance Schedule 9 performances 5 evenings 2 weekend matinees 2 weekday matinees 9 performances 6 evenings 3 weekend matinees 0 weekday matinees 13 performance s 6 evenings 3 weekend matinees 4 weekday matinees Matinees all…show more content…
Get more performances f 1. Miss the show, don't dealing 2. Pay for lodging and board- 4. Question in order to discover WCT's interests & BATNA? a. Their interest i. What are you looking for? ii. Why is it that you want that? iii. What is the outcome? b. Their BATNA i. Depends on the situation, if it's competitve => who can give you better value than us? INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATION 5. Which information disclosed to WCT? a. Extra performances will tire crew, scenery and props that will lead to poor performance and bad image. This would be unnecessary costs for WTC because they are not benefiting value from the cost of crew salaries. b. Possible long term opportunities: BUGLES c. Sacrificing a tight schedule for WTC d. Relationship with Marquis and will be able to negotiate a good price 6. Which information withheld? a. Amount of BATNA b. Possibility that we are able to pay for our meals 7. Strategy & Tactics a. Re-scope the tasks i. Performance only in weekend & Evening b. Restructure the finance i. Use off budget: capital to operating finance, ii. Split to 2 budgets: lodging & Board, payment term installments, c. Leverage economy of scale i. BUGLES- show ii. Theatre production partner d. Add non-monetary options i. Advertising & Newsletters ii. e. Longer contract f. High Anchoring point g. Attempt to identify party's interest h. Demonstrate value of our theater i. Create a good
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