Essay Of Utilitarianism

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We often speak of “utilitarian” solutions in a negative manner, but it’s very probable that every human being will have to make a “utilitarian” decision at least once in their lifetime. Although I don’t agree with most “utilitarian” point of views, in some cases utilitarianism is a demanding moral side that brings benefit for the sake of the majority. In this case, I give you a matter of life and death. For example, a person has been in car accident and needs a heart transplant immediately in order to survive. There are no suitable donors available, but there is a brain-dead person in the emergency room that is being kept alive on a respirator, who probably has only a few days to live, and who is a perfect donor. Without the…show more content…
By focusing on the overall happiness able to cause by this action, and disregarding self-interest and perhaps integrity, the consequences of this decision will definitely induce pleasure and satisfaction to a majority.
There is a maximum utility being made because, a life is being saved, and a useful end is given to the less fortunate one. Another benefit is the deprivation of pain as only one man is to die, and just one family has to suffer. “The Fundamental Principle of Morality is the Principle of Utility or Greatest Happiness Principle.” (Mill), this basically means picking the course of action that is more likely to produce the greatest good of the greatest number of people. “This is and has always been the fundamental principle of morality” (Mill). If you count the number of people who benefited from this “utilitarian” decision plus the amount of happiness or pleasure caused, it would definitely overcome the amount of pain caused plus the lives affected.
Despite the fact that many do not concord with most “utilitarian” decisions, there exists occasions in which you have to consider their standards and ideals. The case mentioned above is an example of how if I were given the opportunity to decide, would certainly consider this “utilitarian”
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