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Kids Should Have 4 Day School Weeks
“Doctors around the country grew so concerned about the impact of a lack of sleep on teens, including the connection with obesity, depression, and traffic accidents, that the American Academy of pediatrics issued a policy statement in 2014 recommending that schools start no earlier than 8:30 am, so that teens could get the recommended 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep a night”. (Kelly Wallace state's, author of article, “Why letting teens sleep in could save lives”) Most schools, when they switch to a four day school week, there doing it to save money. And if they were a more wealthy school district and they were to take a day off they could use the extra money for better educational things. It is appropriate to
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Most reasons why schools switch to a four day weeks is because they can’t afford it. So if a school who could afford it switched they could save tons of money and maybe even use it for more useful educating things. “Budget cuts in colorado prompted 14 schools to switch to four, longer school days. The district saved on busing costs and other daily expenses”. (says Lucy Shcouten author of article, “Why a four day school week means higher math scores”.) We should have a four day school week because schools could save a lot of money and use it for better academic purposes like computers and more resources for the the students and teachers. In low income school districts they can not afford to have students five days a week. They will save money daily expenses by not having students five days a week. The schedule that most districts currently have is a 5 day school week and a 2 day weekend. Although some have argued that a shorter school week benefits students, a reduced school week disrupts family schedules. “For lower income families, one or both parents lack flexibility to welcome their child home” (says Stephan Blanford author of article “Later starts disrupt families”). Since one or both parents can't greet their kids when they get home, a shortened school week disrupts family schedules. Low income family members can’t afford to take that extra day off of every week to see their child when they get
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