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Culture of the 80s
The 1980s represented a change known as the glory days, something no one has seen since the 1920s. The exciting fast paced lifestyle is what captured most americans hearts. Life in general brought something new to society between new consumer goods and expanding cultures. In the end the 80s brought music, dance, television, movies, famous figures, and literature that would forever shape America.

Changes in music were inspired by social and political issues at the time. It was most definitely a politically charged decade:cold war, unemployment, poverty in homes. Many artists used music as a form of escapism and or to get a point across. In 1981 MTV launched its first music video, ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by the
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Famous movies for kids were GI JOE, Smurfs, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. These films brought in a large amount of revenue that companies decided to make action figures of their characters. Many family sitcoms were made especially for the families such as, Growing Pains, Alf, The Cosby Show and many more. Hollywood had plenty of money from 1980s movies, but they wanted to convert americans money into cold, hard cash. The most famous 80s classic movies were “The Little Mermaid” and “The Color Purple.” Writers and producers new just how to make something from scratch and turn it into a masterpiece for everyone to enjoy and love.

Famous political and social figures were very important in their 80s because they sculpted the culture in today's era. “Sticking through scandal and triumph, tragedy and joy, we’re left with a decade full of memorable figures, some of which have broken through the millennium barrier and are still with us today.”(Pia Sooney) Movie star icon, Tom Cruise won many awards, starred in many movies and influenced society with his hollywood face. The political figures were Jimmy Carter, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan. Each of these presidents helped the crisis that america had been in from the cold
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