8th Grade Essay

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The best part of being an eighth grader is being the head of the school and having many privileges. This year had some good times like convincing kids that Kyle Shultz was santa and my all girls team in gym won the whole olympics at the last second. Our class used to be separated to where certain groups of people didn't talk to others but this year our class really bonded. One of my favorite things that our class did was when we were on a bus to give gifts to sibly kids, we all shouted out of the bus windows,”MERRY CHRISTMAS!” to everyone we past and we caroled at every house we stopped at. My favorite activity in eighth grade was the powder puff football game against the seventh grade girls. My dad was the coach and quarterback. He made amazing plays and he threw the ball from endzone to endzone. The game ended in a tie but at least I got an interception and touchdowns in the game.

The eighth grade class is very fun but very immature. A few people get into trouble a lot and the whole class gets punished for it but not in all classes. In Religion class, Mr. Finn gives lines to the few people who talk or are disruptive. Since we are in eighth grade, the people who get lines get stressed out over finishing them because we are packed with homework, essays, and studying for quizzes and tests in preparation for high school. In addition to the all of our work, at home we have to fill
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You do not want to procrastinate with any of your assignments or homework because if you don't get in the habit of turning your homework in that day, you won’t have the habit of turning them in in high school. In high school, the teachers won’t accept late work and you get automatic zeros. Eighth grade year will be the greatest year yet if you make the best of it and don’t get into too much trouble so you can do more
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