Essay On A Dinner Party

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When planning a dinner party, choosing what foods to serve and preparing them is just a small part of the process. Depending on the theme of the party, you must choose what cocktail recipes to go with, and the decorations and music in the background have to go perfectly together. Plan with enough time ahead and make sure that everything is fresh when the guests arrive. Here are some tips to have a truly fabulous dinner party: Base the dinner party on a theme Choose a theme for the party before getting started with the preparations. While some dinner parties are planned to celebrate special occasions, others are planned just to have a night of fun with friends and relatives. First pick the general theme, meaning to decide whether it will be a sophisticated party or an intimate gathering between friends. Here are themes to base your dinner…show more content…
Have all guests’ tastes in food and drinks in mind when elaborating the menu. The vegetarians and the ones that don’t drink alcoholic drinks have to be served properly. Thankfully, there exist many cocktail recipes to please all people. For a fabulous dinner party go with Martinis and Margaritas as alcoholic cocktails. For those guests that don’t drink alcohol, there are cocktail recipes that don’t have alcohol in their mix, such as Virgin Frozen Margaritas and Moscow Mules. Regarding the food, the menu must not let the guests go back home hungry. Serve courses of food that don’t necessarily have to be eaten when they are hot and don’t forget to add sauces and vinaigrettes to the menu for people to combine with their food how they like. Don’t complicate yourself too much though. Prepare meals that are familiar to you, don’t try new things; in case you fail making a new recipe, your whole evening will be ruined. Avoid staying in the kitchen too much to prepare the food also, to not be tired when the party
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