Essay On A Friendship That CouldVe Lasted Forever

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“A Friendship That Could’ve Lasted Forever”

I once read a picture that stated “good friendships are hard to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget. I am a living witness to that statement. They say nothing hurts worse than losing a love one to death but, how about losing a love one from your life and they’re still living and there’s nothing you can say or do to make them come back. That is one of the worse feelings ever to feel. I know I maybe only 18yrs old but I have learned a lesson in my life that has emotional changed me and even scared me internally. The lesson I have learn was that you should never take anyone for granted, and that it shouldn’t always be about how you feel. I experienced that lesson with one of my childhood best friends name Shyheim Galloway. Shyheim Galloway was your typical, light skinned, average sized, kid from the south side of Chicago. He had 3 brothers and 4 sisters, and they all lived under one roof. Unlike me, Shyheim was a sports guy, he liked to play football and basketball and he always made the team every school year. Shyheim was a popular kid growing up, everyone liked him but he didn’t like everyone. The same could be said for me; that’s probably why we clicked so well. However, if you were to map me and Shyheim life out on paper you would see that we are from to totally different ends of the spectrum but from 2nd grade to 10th grade me and was literally the blue print on what a friendship should be. Leading up to the end of
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