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Review on a story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” In the story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery 0’Connor, a southern family planning a road trip to Florida portrays the hypocrisy of the society through their actions and dialogues. Major question that rose in the story was what is considered good and how there aren’t enough good men left in the world.” A social science major with several courses in English, O’Connor is remembered by her classmates as obviously gifted but extremely shy. Her closest friends recall her sly humor, her disdain for mediocrity and her often merciless attacks on affection and triviality.” (Gordon 1) The author, Flannery O’Connor is recognized in her work in southern gothic literature which had grotesque…show more content…
The sense of white supremacy can be felt repeatedly in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. Grandmother’s moral attitude towards the blacks is questionable and reflects the situation and racism in the South during the period. While narrating the watermelon story, the grandmother was disrespectful towards black people and degrades their reputation by saying “because a nigger boy ate it when he saw the initials, E. A. T.!” (O’Connor 140). This word is enough of a proof needed to confirm someone’s racist ideology. In the book, Understanding Flannery O’Connor, Whitt reckons that the story of watermelon was to highlight the white southerner’s popular belief that the black southerner loves watermelon and nothing more which could be true but the usage of that word doesn’t justify that. Moreover, the second most prominent character would be The Misfit. He portrays a man in the society who nobody likes, does unruly acts, and has reckless behavior and bad image. Ironically, he is demonstrated as the only character who has deep thought process and who is consistent and sticks by his own morals. He doesn’t brag about himself and his self-righteousness and isn’t a people pleaser. He states “I ain’t a good man, but I ain’t the worst in the world either” (O’Connor 148). The Misfit remarked "Don't see no sun but don't see no cloud neither" (O’Connor 147). This gives an imagery to the audience that the weather in the story isn’t

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