Essay On A Hero's Journey

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Screams filled the air. Only then did Jessie Grant realize they were his. He had been having this dream for some time, his dad’s and mom’s death. Before they boarded a cruiser when he was seventeen, his parents were his best friends, now he had nothing. The day after his parents died, he climbed up a mountain he later called Mount Clesk. The piece it brought him was something he loved so every day he climbed up the mountain. Today was no exception as he planned to climb the mountain every day for the rest of his life... As he walked past streams and over rocks, a smile lit up on Jessie’s face. He was going to make his parents happy one more time. He was going to get revenge. As he continued up the climb he saw a small bird, it was very colorful. It seemed to like his presence and flew around him. Jessie quickly became annoyed and suddenly swatted the bird. It fell lifelessly to the ground. This was something he had never done before, harm a peaceful creature, but he felt no sadness. He continued his climb. When he reached the top he looked out upon a beautiful sunrise and valley but he immediately started back for home. He had planning to do. Jessie walked back…show more content…
Then he looked at the town. People running, destruction, then everyone was gone. He fell again, this time; he landed in a memory, a great war between humans and the other creatures, although he did not truly remember it. He realized that blowing up the ship of the aliens had caused a war and that everyone on Makulu was dead, and for the first time he cried. Then he fell again, this time to a spot in which he had never been before. It was a planet. As he walked around he realized where he was, it was the home planet of the creature that killed his parents, they were all dead. He grew sad, he was in a dimension where nobody knew him, nobody could see him and he had killed millions. Then everything went
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