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I attended a jazz concert on April 7, 2016. The jazz concert was performed by the Page brothers, Mike Willis, and Justin Butler. Justin Butler accompanied the other instrumentalists in one song. The instruments used during the jazz concert was a guitar, bass, drums, and shakers. The performance was located in the theater at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute. The jazz concert was informal. The venue was favorable for the jazz concert. The instrumentalist played on a stage while the audience sat in the seats. The theater was small so the jazz music was easy to hear. However, there was a lot of people attending the concert so the theater was crowded. The audience was able to see the performers because of how the theater seats are set up. Also, the room was completely dark except for the stage so I was able to focus primarily on the performers. Overall, I liked the jazz concert performed by the Page Brothers.

The jazz concert performed by the Page brothers was informal. The Page brothers were dressed casual. They wore jeans and a button up shirt. However, one performer wore a suit. The performers looked about middle aged. The performers interacted with the audience frequently. They told jokes and even had conversations with the people in the audience. The instrumentalists had a good attitude and seemed to be
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The form of this piece was AABA. The instruments used in this piece was guitar, bass, and drums. One Page brother played the guitar while the other on played the bass. Mike Willis played the drums. This piece was strictly instrumental. “Four on Six” is considered Hard Bop. One of the performers said that “Four on Six” was a new melody based on old chord changes. The audience must have liked this piece a lot because they applauded frequently throughout it. This piece appealed to me because it contained swing feel and we had learned about it in
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