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Alright, so first and foremost we have to look at every possible suspect. I believe that our options are (in rough order of probability):
1. Another human
2. An extraterrestrial
3. An unexplained scientific phenomenon
4. A paranormal entity

[b]1. The Human Angle[/b]

Let's start with the possibility that it was another human, or group of humans. Obviously this would imply that mankind has reached technological levels FAR beyond what the average person believes we currently possess. Despite this, I think that this is the most likely candidate.

The first thing we should do is look for a motive. On the surface (and the next level, and the level after that...) there doesn't appear to be one. What possible reason could a person have for
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The first of these people could be those doing it for their religious beliefs. Perhaps in part caused by insanity, somebody believes that their god or gods desire for them to do this. Perhaps they believe that beds are a symbol of laziness in the world, and that the salted Mars is an attack on the belief of extraterrestrial life. I can't imagine their exact reasoning, but somebody with a great deal of power could be heavily influenced by religion, and we can't rule this out.

Another is pure insanity. Similar to the religious fanatic previously talked about, this person believes with their entire being that this needs to happen. Hallucinations and paranoia could cause somebody to believe that beds are some kind of danger to the world, and that Mars being layered in salt will somehow benefit them or humanity as a whole. Perhaps they believe that the removal of beds will lead to a white imbalance in our galaxy. It's hard to speculate about the reasoning behind insanity, because no mental leap is too great in this circumstance. The question to ask here is would somebody with this level of insanity be able to orchestrate these events? I don't think anybody can claim with 100% certainty that it's impossible.

Finally, ending our human angle, we have the person who knows something we don't. Like those we've already mentioned, they believe that these events were something that needed to happen. Unlike those people, they have scientific backing to

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