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ABB strategy January 4, 1988, two major European companies - the Swedish ASEA AB and Swiss Brown Bovery & Cie - formed a group ASEA Brown Bovery (ABB) which was headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland). ABB Group has become one of the world's leading engineering association, which employs more than 200 000 people in 140 countries. They have sales of approximately $ 35 billion per year. During the existence of the group this organization has repeatedly been a fundamentally changed. The company, which specialized in the manufacture of electrical equipment, gradually turned into a technology group with new competencies. Today, the only chance to change the effective conduct provides continuous training. The dynamism of the market requires a consistent,…show more content…
In addition, the increased market value of competencies that group already has. The guiding idea is: increased focus on domestic and greater transparency in the external. Segment structure again in good agreement with the global market requirements. The reorganization did not complete surprise. So, over the past few years auctioned many businesses that did not fit into the economic activity within the segment structure. Some shopping area enlarges to reach "critical mass". In 1997 he established an organizational unit for global services to large customers. Thus, we can talk about the evolutionary path of development of the enterprise in which it makes successive strides. "Organizational forms also have a life cycle," - says the president of ABB Göran Lindahl. And organizational development of the company confirms this thought: five years it oriented to the matrix structure with sloping country, five years dominated the regional orientation of the matrix structure, and now operates a global segment organization. Chairman of the Board of the German branch of ABB Horst Dietz expressed in the sense that employees should not complain about the continuous reorganization and proud to be working on such an enterprise, which is able to adapt quickly to changing market
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