Essay On Aboriginal People

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During my interview with Margaret West of Bourke, NSW - I was able to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of the issues (healthcare, safety and education) that were faced by some indigenous people during the 70’s and 80’s. After the interview concluded, I had enough information to compare the policies of her generation in contrast to the modern policies that deal with the same issues that were discussed in the interview. During the interview I was told about the challenges faced in the 70s, which included poor health services to indigenous. Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS), National Aboriginal and Islander Health Organisation (NAIHO) were then formed to tackle the poor health issues. And when it came to education, it was also a problem…show more content…
For example the universal health insurance system, Medibank was introduced to allow mainstream health services more affordable in 1975. Even though it was terminated in 1978, it was then reintroduced as Medicare in 1984. In the early 1970s Aboriginal people were commonly confronted with intolerance, prejudice and racism at every level of the nation’s criminal justice system. Aboriginal adults were eleven times more likely to be imprisoned than other Australians, and youth twenty times more likely to be detained. In 1972 the Whitlam government eradicated the white Australia policy and introduced a policy of self-determination, and in 1975, the racial discrimination Act was put in effect and it was designed to acknowledge the prior ownership of Australia by the Indigenous people. In January 2011 Australia was reviewed by the UN Human Rights Council and in June 2011 Australia provided its response to the 145 recommendations made by the Human Rights Council and amend their policy towards the indigenous people. The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 has been fully reinstated in relation to the Northern Territory Emergency Response December 2010. Putting of indigenous women in decision making positions for more recognition and to improved there
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