Essay On Abortion And Planned Parenthood

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Because Donald Trump made it very clear during the Presidential Debates that he is against abortion and Planned Parenthood, it would be logical to require healthcare insurance companies to provide free birth control coverage to women because birth control prevents abortions. As stated previously, contraceptive devices such as the pill, patch, ring, insert, and IUD have been proven effective towards preventing unexpected pregnancies. If less women are getting pregnant because they are taking birth control, then there wouldn’t be any need for worried women to have abortions, which should make the president pleased since he is pro-life. Statistics collected from the CDC show that abortions have decreased throughout the years in the United States. …show more content…

In order to favor both sides of the argument, Donald Trump should enforce insurance companies to only cover expensive birth control options, such as the IUD, insert, and ring. Meanwhile, insurances could only cover a portion of cheaper birth control options, such as the commonly used pill. This allows women that want the for efficient birth control options can receive those without suffering from debt. Those that use the pill must pay a copay, but the insurance company will pay a portion of the expenses. This will also help the economic cycle of money distribution through the United States but will also avoid debt. Also, part of this compromise can include the education system and drugstores. The educational system should be required to inform high school students the facts, benefits, and warning of birth control along with sexual education. Condom brands should also decrease the prices of condoms so that way Americans can partake in sexual activity but be guaranteed preventing infections, such as STDS. With this compromise, both sides of the argument, women vs healthcare professionals, will have both of their complaints met, which can help better our society and

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