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building the regional court was inflated up to four times its actual cost, with its judge, ‘Nicolau dos Santos Neto’ appropriating almost 100 million USD of the inflated money. The judge was assisted in this scheme by senator ‘Luiz Estevao’ and the owners of the company that were given the contract to construct the building (Mota Prado and Carson, 2016). Problems with accountability The process of accountability, via which political corruption is brought to light, investigated, and punished is immensely important for three reasons. First, it improves the effectiveness, and leads to impartiality in the provision of public goods. Second, it not only warns future transgressors that corrupt tactics will not be tolerated, but also…show more content…
Let us take a look at the interaction between different institutions of horizontal accountability in Brazil, namely, the Federal Public Ministry (Ministerio Publico Federal or MPF), the Federal Court of Accounts (Tribunal de Contas da Unido or TCU), and the Federal Police (PF). The MPF is a Brazilian body of independent public prosecutors. It exists independently of the three branches of government, often deemed as the ‘fourth branch’. Theoretically it receives cases from the federal police and prosecutes. However, there is an ineffective pattern of cooperation, information sharing, and coordination between the MPF and the federal police leading to delays in investigation processes. (Taylor and Buranelli, 2007). The federal police, in the constitution, is given the responsibility of investigating “penal infractions against the political and social order” (Brazil, 1988). Nonetheless, there are often situations of mismanagement and confusion wherein the MPF states investigating as part of some of its duties. The federal police, however, is much less autonomous than the MPF, with many officers working right under the Ministry of Justice. Most senior police positions are filled by members of the executive branch; this influences case selection. Due to the institution of the federal police being hierarchical in nature, with the top most officers

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