Essay On Achilles

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Agamemnon warns Achilles of what is to come to him very early on: You may be a good man in a fight, Achilles, And look like a god, but don’t try to put one over on me- It won’t work. So while you have your prize, You want me to sit and do without?...
I’ll just go take something myself, Your prize perhaps… (140-143, 147-148)
The two warriors are locked in battle for who is the greatest warrior. Agamemnon, although weaker than Achilles, has greater status and power. Plagued by the Gods, a simple return of Chryseis is all that is required to lift the suffering yet the idea of losing a possession and having to forfeit what Agamemnon feels is his is too humiliating of a price to pay. Achilles constantly attempts to prove his power by calling assemblies
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“Furious, anger like twin black thunderheads seething/ In his lungs, and his eyes flickered with fire” (109-110) This shows that Agamemnon struggles with anyone speaking against him and he needs glory and pride. Again, Achilles attempts to belittle the king and taunts him about where a new, worthy war prize would be found. In response, Agamemnon informs Achilles that he will find a fair prize, perhaps Achilles beloved war prize. The demand shows that Agamemnon cannot stand to be doubted and how “Someone issues an order or makes a request to others for status and rank” (Donlan) this ensures that there is no question in the ranking of men. Nester even attempts to settle the childish dispute by informing both men that they are in the wrong, but both view this as blasphemy and only deepens their need for glory. Agamemnon, “Did not forget his spiteful threat against Achilles” (332), and uses Patroclus, the dearest friend of Achilles, to take Briseis. Agamemnon’s use of Patroclus is a painful and personal defeat for Achilles which means it is a sweeter and more prideful moment for Agamemnon; that he can use someone so dear to Achilles’ heart to bring him such suffering. Achilles retreats,
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