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Adolf Hitler: The Man with the Plan Imagine a world war and you’ll probably think of a huge army, marching in sync with one another, and having loaded guns in their hands. While this eventually happened, it all started with just one man and a horrific plan for the Jews. He was so awful and inhumane that he killed over six million people by the time that he ended his life. Adolf Hitler was a powerful man, who started with a normal enough childhood, but grew up to be hateful and a world-changer in the worst of ways.
Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau, Austria to Klara and Alois Hitler. He received good marks throughout elementary school, but receiving bad marks in high school left him angry and tempered. A passion for art drove him to move to Vienna after his mother died, leaving high school when he was just sixteen years of age and only two and a half years of completion. He failed his examination to art school twice, leaving him without a job. He didn’t feel a need to work though, since he was living comfortably off of the money from his orphan’s pension he claimed, and had inherited money from his mom and aunt. Surprisingly enough, his name was not always Hitler, as his stepfather’s brother had the priest change it when he got older so that he was recognized as the official son of his mother and stepfather. The priest was supposed to spell it Heidler, but spelt it Hitler, thus how he got his name. Even though his childhood was normal enough, his mother

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