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Agadir is the first sea resort of Morocco known all over the world by its climate brightened up during 300 in the daytime of the year, by its beautiful beaches, its luxury hotels and by the hospitality of its inhabitants. Considered as the second tourist destination of Morocco, Agadir becomes more and more known by tourists, the visitors and the travelers of passage who prefer to spend there some nights. The garden of Ibn Zidoun is one of the biggest of Agadir, which occupies a whole block between the street of 18 November and the street of Agadir. On one side you have the synagogue and on the other side the main mosque of the city. It is a fresh place, with old trees, where the inhabitants of the city come to walk at the end of the day. There…show more content…
These kilometers of golden sand are very clean. Indeed, they are regularly cleaned. A wide choice of activities is proposed. Most of them are turned to the ocean as the kitesurf, the windsurfing or the surfing. However, you can also make of the quad, horse rides or in dromedary. The Beach of Taghazout is a few kilometers away from Agadir here are finding more and more surfers. Take advantage of long rights and of beach breaks which alternate on the coast. In real paradise of the surfers, the beaches of the region offer a soft climate associated with waves suiting to the beginners as to the regular customers. Everything contributes to exercise your favorite sport in excellent conditions; from Taghazout to Tamghart, weather conditions are optimal; the unchained waves, the wind and the temperature of the water offer ideal assets favoring the practice of the surfing. Long of about 7 km, it is lined by the mountains of the High Atlas. Taghazout has campings and hotels. But no need to stay there to enjoy its charms: twenty minutes are enough for you to come to Taghazout. Besides being a destination of surfing, Taghazout bathes in a charming atmosphere of a small Berber village. With the blue sky and the fresh fishes, fished every day by the villagers, Taghazout is the perfect place to
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