Essay On Age Related Macular Degeneration

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The human eye is a remarkable feature that receives light, allowing a viewed object to be transmitted as messages to the brain so that we understand what we see. It can detect something as small as a candle flame from up to 15 miles away (under optimum conditions) as well as focus on fine details. A pity, then, when this 'window to the soul' is allowed to degenerate.

Not all eye diseases are caused by negligence but a large percentage is. Strain, an unbalanced diet, a poor lifestyle, lack of awareness and bad habits can contribute to diminishing the wonders our eyes offer.

Certain eye conditions are common, some developed through the natural process of aging and others caused by disease, injury and exposure to chemicals. Let's see what they
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It's usually resolved through surgery which can restore a large percentage of vision unlike with glaucoma.

AMD: Age-related macular degeneration is primarily caused by old age. Where glaucoma affects the peripheral vision, AMD targets the central vision. As such, blindness is rarely caused although vision impairment is naturally present and may progress without treatment.

Treatment typically involves laser surgery, implanting a telescopic lens and increasing vitamin intake.

AMD presents itself in one of two forms - dry and wet. Dry AMD sees the macula (an area near the retina) thinning to affect central vision. It's the more common form and progresses slowly. In wet AMD, blood vessels behind the retina begin to grow under the macula to lead to leakage of blood and fluid as well as scarring which further diminishes central vision.

Diabetic retinopathy: A common complication in diabetic patients, diabetic retinopathy occurs due to damage to the retinal blood vessels. Proper diabetes management through control of blood sugar, blood pressure and other necessary symptoms can see the condition brought to a halt and even reversed to an extent.
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