Essay On Ageing

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“The golden age is before us not behind us”
- St. John.
Ageing is a natural process and part of one’s journey of life in this planet. Ageing in terms of biological process happens as the impact of the accumulation of a wide variety of molecular and cellular damage happening in the body over the period of time. This process causes gradual decrease in physical and mental capacity of a person and makes one vulnerable for getting any disease and ultimately death (World Health Organization, 2015).
Ageing presents both challenges and opportunities. Ageing is seen as a challenging period because of not only the biological changes happening but the involvement of various other factors like socio cultural, financial, emotional and other life transitions which completes the process such as retirement,
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However, to ensure the quality of life and exploit theexperience and potential of the rising number of older people it is necessary todo more.
It is necessary to take measures in various areas, in particular, changethe negative approach to ageing of the population and older people that is oftenstereotyped and ageist and provokes concerns that undermine intergenerationalcohesion and pave the way for age discrimination. At the same time it neglectsnot only the potential of older people, but also implications and possibilities ofscientific, technological and economic development.
In order to improve the quality of life of older people and supportprosperity in an ageing society, it is necessary to provide all people over theirlife course with opportunities for self-fulfillment, learning, education and activelife. Linear model of education, work and pension becomes increasinglyout dated and boundaries between individual stages of the life cycle becomemore flexible and less
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