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Air is an indispensable part of human, animal and plant lives. Without it, no organisms would be able to survive on Earth (Reference, 2017). Due to excessive human activities, air pollution has become a detrimental worldwide issue in current days (Sciencing, 2017). However, scientists have found new chemicals that can assist in improving the air quality (, 2017). Moreover, humans are able to adopt many methods to help decrease the severity of contamination released into the earth’s atmosphere. This investigation is linked to ‘application and limitation’ in ‘science as a Human Endeavour’.

Chemical Background and Link to SHE
Oxygen is a part of the air and it is responsible for aerobic respiration in humans, animals and some microorganisms to produce energy and to function. Air also contains carbon dioxide, and it is a crucial part of photosynthesis in primary producers, such as plants, for the production of chemical energy (Reference, 2017).

The article ‘New Green Solvent Could Help Clean Our Air’ has clearly demonstrated the application and limitation of using chemicals to filter the contaminated air that affects human health. In the second paragraph, the author mentioned the shortcomings of existing methods that can clean contaminated air were toxic and expensive. This suggests that scientists understood these limitations and were able to gain new opportunities to develop solutions to polluted air (, 2017).

The following paragraph has explained the

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