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Writer, Russell Long, wrote an opinion piece published in The New York Times called, Where There's Smoke, There's Pollution, addressing the effects of vessels on the environment. He is arguing against the way The Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental health organizations are handling the increase of shipping pollution and the public’s health and safety. People assume the main cause of air pollution are automobiles or manufactures, however, international trade by cargo ships has expanded more than fifty percent within the past three decades. It has become one of the leading sources of air pollution in the nation. The effects are aggressive and could cause severe harm to the lives of millions, specifically those who live in…show more content…
EPA attempted to create a treaty that would better the condition of the environment, “But after members of the powerful International Association of Independent Tanker Owners met with officials in Washington, the E.P.A. regulation was watered down” (The New York Times). They may as well have turned the proposal down. The current regulation for the low-grade-fuel ships will continue to negatively impact the neighboring air, land, and aquatic communities around the ports.
The article starts with the public's perception on the issue of pollution. It is explaining the things that contribute to air pollution that people overlook, for example, the fact that cargo ships and vessels are not acknowledged like automobiles and industrial plants. A journal of occupational medicine and toxicology from Biomed Central, Ships, ports and particulate air pollution-an analysis of recent studies, written by Daniel Mueller, Stefanie Uibel, and many more authors, supports Long’s claim about the ships harmful effects that many people are unaware of. Because marine vessels’ longevity beats automobiles and road vehicles, there are many ships that still run on the old engines. He was also accurate in stating the low-grade-quality fuel that ships use.
The article is effective in that it informs the readers and audience the underlying importance of air quality issues in harbour cities and coastal areas caused by the marine vessels. They release emissions that
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