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Impact of Airbnb in hotel industry- whether it is affecting the hotel guest loyalty?
The world’s largest lodging provider, Airbnb, runs its business in around 192 countries and 30,000 cities across the globe. Now, the company need not have any worries about the high employee turnover rate or the increase or decrease in real estate prices. Since its growth is very large from its beginning in 2008.
The idea of Joe Gebbia, one of the founders of the Airbnb, converted the simple room into the lodging room with few mattresses, thus the idea of Airbnb evolved. Now it is the company worth around $20billion. This travelling market has come across many obstacles in between.
Till now there are no proper evidence regarding the luxury issues concerned with Airbnb. Most of the people who stay in hotels are the well to do and the business people. Whereas, the Airbnb customers differs from them it provides its customers with low lodging fee and help them to meet different expectations. Even it may change if the company enters into the different cities.
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If a customer books in a well known hotel, they know for what they are getting paid, they offer the customers with cleanliness, amenities, comfort and the host of services. Staying in Airbnb is different, it is like staying in strangers’ house, they may lack in consistency, but they will compensate it with the authenticity and cheap lodging. People, who have the attitude to mingle up with the locals, can prefer Airbnb.
Airbnb can learn a lot form the hotels and vice versa. Hotels must work on the authentication to the people from different places, where people come as tourists, some hotels take suggestions from Airbnb’ success. Hilton in New York mid town, has introduces a new system to provide the dishes with the local
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