Essay On Alcohol In The Great Gatsby

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The new century changed like no other, had new fancy clothes for women, new things to ride around in, the stock market was a raging mess with it being at its best, the age of amazing Jazz, and when everyone wanted to live the most modernist way they could. Ah yes, the 1920s. What a time to be alive. World War I just wrapped up and everything was finally getting better by the age. But the 20s also had it low spots. Especially when alcohol and prohibition became a big thing during that time. In the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, he describes a man by Jay Gatsby that learns to make big bucks off bootlegging alcohol from other. In this essay, one can learn about prohibitions, bootleggers, and speakeasies. Along with more about…show more content…
Let alone how they were decorated and made into a mini club, one could make buck on owning several of these. Like Al Capone made 60 million alone on owning several speakeasies. (Prohibition: an interactive history) The more bootlegging became popular in the 20s, the more speakeasies that popped up. Many owners of the speakeasies tried their hardest to stay clear of the alcohol ban. Many had plans and ways to hid their beverages in order to hide their staches and so their staches can't be used at a trial against them as evidence. They would pull a lever that would push all the alcohol they had down into a secret wine cellar that would hold their liquor for them. This fits in with The Great Gatsby perfectly. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby was friends/ business partners with a gangster that changed the world series and it was thought that he was a bootlegger and owned a few speakeasies to get money. Which also was another idea to why Gatsby was so rich. Tom buchanan, Daisy’s husband, thought he bought some drugstores and started bootlegging alcohol. Which was true because when the prohibition act was in place, many went to people that bootlegged and sold their own versions of alcohol. Such as like bathtub gin, which was just where if they had to make a big batch of an alcoholic drink they made it in their bathtub.

Many thought America needed some rules on their alcohol, then the prohibition
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