Essay On Aloo And African Americans

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The urge to leave home for opportunities that enhance your life and let you explore new skies around the world is not foreign to anyone, it is something everyone strives for one way or another just like Aloo, a fortunate Indian boy from Africa who got the opportunity to go and study abroad but had to first face the dilemma of choosing between this once in a lifetime opportunity and his family.
During the transition from colonialism to independence of Tanzania in 1960’s, there was a small population of Indians living among the Africans who are often referred as the ‘guest race’ meaning they were uncertain of their standing in African land and felt like they didn’t belong to it. Among this minor population of Indians was a family consisting of
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He read and reread the letter, not believing what it seemed to be saying, afraid that he might be reading something into it. He asked me to read it for him. When he was convinced there was no possibility of a mistake he became…show more content…
Velji nodding wisely in his chair, Mother staring into the distance’. This is one of my favorite phrases to support the main idea and it beautifully describes the scene, Aloo is represented as a bird ‘flapping it’s wings’ and leaving home, Mr. Velgi is nodding wisely since he helped in making this possible for him by convincing mom and mom staring into the distance as she lets go of her attachment with Aloo hoping that he will return someday. Bare able to spread their wings and fly freely over different skies just like Aloo leaving for London to explore new opportunities and that is what everyone strives for a chance to spread their wing and fly in life to explore and become
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