Essay On Alternative To Incarceration

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Due to the high cost of building and maintaining prison cells and to try to avoid extreme overcrowding of the prisons there are many correctional community programs for those inmates that do not pose a huge threat to society which can help save money to the corrections system and save space in jails for those inmates that do pose a high threat to society and that must be kept away until they rehabilitate (Peak, 2014, p. 263). One of the community based programs alternative to incarceration is the intensive supervision program or ISP, this programs is similar to regular parole or probation but the difference is that in ISP the contact between the parole officer and the parolee or probationer occurs more often and in most cases the contact is almost daily either face to face or over the phone, also in this program the parolee or…show more content…
The difference between probation and parole is that probation is usually given to an offender who did not commit a very serious crime and in some cases the offender is given probation without doing any jail or prison time or in some cases the offender must do a short time in jail or prison before they are put on probation (BJS). In parole the offender must do most of the sentence set by the judge in prison and the last small portion of the sentence can be served in the community in the form of parole if it is approved by the parole board of the prison
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