Essay On Alzheimers

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Patients and Caregivers
Patients and caregivers who are suffering from Alzheimer’s are seeking ways to relieve their burden and improve their quality of life. An intervention which includes community resources such as, community support groups, adult day care, respite care services and nursing homes can be excellent resources to help people with dementia and enhancing caregiver coping skills; with the early diagnosis, the patients and families can gain benefits to these programs (BrightFocus, 2015).
Pharmaceutical Industry
The pharmaceutical industry has been working aggressively worldwide to find a cure; over 1,500 clinical trial are currently being done which includes about four hundred medications, just about a quarter of these trial
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The first and foremost intervention/ response is to develop an international environment of dementia awareness and friendliness and support for dementia caregivers (WHO, 2017). This would be accomplished through various strategies: Dementia-awareness programs, dementia-friendly society, and dementia-awareness campaigns. Dementia awareness campaigns and dementia friendly programs should be tailored to cultural context and the specific needs of a community. Promoting enhanced health and social outcomes that reveals the concerns and preferences of the people with dementia as well as enhance the quality of life for people with dementia, their caregivers, and the broader community. The invention will increase public awareness, acceptance, and comprehension of dementia and making society environment dementia friendly enable people with dementia to contribute in the community and amplify their autonomy through enhancing social participation.

In collaboration with people with dementia, their caregivers, the organizations that represent them, the media and other relevant stakeholder such as, organize international, national and local public health and awareness campaigns that are community specific. Also, cultural specific will improve the accuracy of the general public’s knowledge about dementia,
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