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Amelia Earhart spoke the words, “I want to do something useful in the world.” Not only did she speak these words, but she lived by them with her lifetime full of astonishing aviation records and other services. From her tomboyish childhood to her first flight, Amelia Earhart proved that airplanes and service were her passion. Throughout her entire career, Earhart showed the world what women could do and truly became a world-leading pilot and adventurer. Amelia Mary Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 to Edwin and Amy Otis Earhart in Atchison, Kansas (Encyclopedia of World Biography.) Earhart’s father was an attorney for the railroad, and because he was always moving for his job, Earhart spent most of her childhood with her mother’s parents, Judge Alfred and Amelia Otis (Dictionary of American Biography.) It was with them that she showed early evidence of living life while beating to her own drum. Growing up on her grandparents’ farm, she partook in many “tomboy”activities like exploring river caves and playing physical sports such as football, basketball, and baseball (Contemporary Heroes and Heroines.) She also loved school although attending six different high schools because of her family having to move around (Science and Its Times.) After graduating high school, Earhart became a nurse’s aide in Canada during World War I to help with the wounded soldiers returning home from war. Afterwards, she enrolled at Columbia University in New York as a pre-medical student, but

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