Essay On American Diet

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Sugar, the thing all of us crave. It gives you that calling, the one where it is telling you to come and munch on the mouthwatering treats. We are all in some way addicted to the thing we hate so much but somehow ignore the negatives for the love that is left on your taste buds to devour. Because sugar intake has skyrocketed, the United States health risks are not too far behind. There are plenty of reasons and research studies that show how destructive sugar can be for your health if not managed properly, “and unfortunately our standard American Diet is anything but balanced.”(Konie 1) Americans don’t manage their sugar levels, let alone manage their sugar intake. The exponential growth of obesity in underway and the main cause. Sugar. Many people don’t understand this but sugar is perfectly fine as long as you can control it, many also don’t realize just, “how dangerous the extremes can be.”(Konie 1) The epidemic cause by sugar in our country is spine chilling. If we don’t do something about I now all future generations will continue to grow not only upwards but outwards. People really need to see just how large the obesity levels are rising and it’s all because of our terrible American food diet. Without a new plan to put in place, like reducing the amount of fast food restaurants the American people will never fix these bad habits that we have gotten into.…show more content…
In moderation. Even natural sugar is bad in high quantities, so yes sorry to say but if places started using natural ingredients it would still not be good for you to eat out sugar filled food often. The American Society is caught up on this idea that sugar is totally fine if you have natural sugar. Sadly that is not the case. Any sugar is bad in unmoderated amounts and can continue to lead to the obesity epidemic that is tearing the nation
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