Essay On American Equality

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The United States of America is a country of freedom. Even though in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence starts as “all men are created equal.” This created a uproar and tension in racial views among people of other races. Everybody is given the same opportunities, just some prefer to work harder than others. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” This should apply to everybody. We are all born with the same human anatomy. The only differences that should be looked upon is in our genetics. Some of us are born with special talents that may excel in some categories. The DNA in us is what makes us different, it makes us special and unique in our own ways. You shouldn’t be accountable with what you’re born with. You are made that way so embrace what you have been given and take advantage of it. When you are born with average intelligence, you have something to work for in school, college, or whatever you need. Being born with higher than average intelligence is special, don’t let it go to waste because taking advantage of it would really be the smart thing. This applies to anyone, you have to work hard no matter who you are to excel and succeed in your life. Harrison Bergeron expresses a world where no matter who you…show more content…
Always finding a reason to profile the black males or females living in the United States causes natural conflict. This goes to everybody, the Mexicans, Asians, and anybody else in our country. It doesn’t help that the media sometimes displays us as bad beings. You’re view and opinion of someone doesn’t allow you to hurt them or lash out to them. Experiencing the culture of others and socializing with other races can be a very pleasant experience if you open up to it. “Your skin doesn’t define who you are.” Famous speakers like Martin Luther King Jr. has motivated many people from all races. Your voice can be
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