Essay On American History Our Hope For The Future

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“American History: Our Hope for the Future”
We’ve heard it said that history repeats itself. And while this saying isn’t meant to be taken literally, and history doesn’t actually repeat itself. There are similar occurrences between the present and the past that could cause us to believe it does. In the words of Mark Twain, ¨History doesn't repeat itself. but it often rhymes.¨ Learning about history is imperative in that it can prevent us from making the same mistakes. George Santayana said ¨Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.¨ Therefore, we can use history as a sort of guidebook to avoid reiterating previous mistakes, and even to provide solutions to present problems. Those who do not learn about history won’t be able to improve the future. Learning about American history teaches us to appreciate the many blessings that we have. Because we know that in our democracy, we have the most freedom and
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Our freedom is bought by our brave service members, who put their lives on the line so that we can live freely. The sacrifices they make are only something a soldier can do. They leave the comfort of their homes and families to face an uncertain future. They do this, however, because they want their country to provide the best quality of life for their families and their predecessors.
You may have heard that ¨eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.¨ This means that we will always need to continue fighting to ensure our freedom. We will have to take notes from those brave warriors before us. Whether literally on the battlefield or standing up for what we believe in. Not letting anyone stomp on the rights our ancestors fought so fiercely and bravely for. Our hope is conserving the ideals our nation was founded on. A few of them including, democracy, rights, equality, opportunity, and individual liberty. We will always remain the land of the free so long as we are the home of the
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